From the group that brought you the Laser Eyes

The Meme Factory Presents

Bitcoin Halving Party

April 3-5 / El Salvador

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29 days
left until ticket prices rise!

Halving Party Participants

Stacy Herbert
Max Keiser
Preston Pysh
BTC Sessions
Dax Sosa
Texas Slim
Nico Moran
Lawrence Lepard
Hodling Carla
Hodl Tarantula
Greg Zaj
Sean Harris
Midy Reyes
Marty's Owl
Alejandra Guajardo (Miss El Salvador)
Michael Peterson
Tone Vays
Javier ₿astardo
Roman Martínez
John Dennehy
Babes who Bitcoin
ROGER 9000
El Captain Youth
Lina Seiche

“Max and I will be there!”

Stacy Herbert


So what is the Bitcoin Halving Party anyway?

The Bitcoin Halving Party is the 1st ever worldwide halving party. It goes April 3-5, 2024 in El Salvador, the first country to adopt Bitcoin. This will be a celebration of the halving and not hyper focused like a normal Bitcoin conference. Yes, there will be speakers and workshops to learn about Bitcoin if that is your intention. There will also be podcasts with live audiences, games, music, Latin dancing, socializing with fellow Bitcoiners, as well as unlimited food and drinks- even alcohol. This is the chance to see first-hand how life on a Bitcoin Standard is working, so make the pilgrimage to El Salvador and you’ll be glad you did. The Bitcoin Halving Party, like the halving itself, only happens once every four years. Truly an event you don’t want to miss out on!

Halving Party Sponsors

Keet is a peer-to-peer chat application that uses end-to-end encryption to protect user data. It allows users to make video and text calls, share files, and even soon accept bitcoin payments without the need for a server. Keet is designed to be private, secure, and efficient.

CryptoCloaks is a 3D Printing and Design company. We produce items from ASIC Fan Shrouds to Bitcoin Grenades. We are more Bitcoin focused than most “Bitcoin” companies. 3D prints for sovereign-kind. EST 2017


Flood Greg Zaj’s Dm’s on Twitter. He loves that. Seriously, he does. Or for a quicker response, tweet at us – @HalvingPartyMF or email