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We have partnered with the beautiful hotel/resort Royal Decameron Salinitas in Acajutla, Sonsonate, El Salvador. This resort houses 552 rooms with staff and accommodations. They have exquisite security, remember that to enter into the Halving Party you need to both BUY A TICKET AND BOOK A HOTEL ROOM. Once you show up it will be all inclusive- unlimited food and drinks, including alcohol. We are excited to partner with Royal Decameron Salinitas, in our opinion it’s the best resort in all of El Salvador. 


Because it is all inclusive this hotel books by the person not the room. Although, more persons in the same room is cheaper than one person in one room. Again, remember to enter the party/hotel you must buy a ticket and book a hotel room. If you arrive without having done both, security will kindly turn you away. Once you buy a ticket, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to the hotel’s website as well as the promo code you’ll enter in. To attend the event you’ll have to book all nights, April 3-6, 2024. The party will go late into the night April 5th.


We have people coming from all over the world and many continents for the Halving Party. We can’t recommend which airline to use, but we can give some tips. Make sure you book your flight to the El Salvador International airport, code SAL. The resort is a beautiful 2 hour car ride North-West of the airport. It gives you a chance to see much of the mesmerizing countryside on your way. To arrive you can take a taxi straight from the airport, rent a car, or schedule a bus ride through Royal Decameron’s website. Please plan accordingly.


Since the Halving Party is only a 2-3 day event, we recommend that you come either before or stay after the party in the country of El Salvador to explore. There are many volcanoes, breathtaking lakes, beaches, and of course Bitcoin Beach in El Zonte. It would be a shame to not try and soak in everything that El Salvador has to offer.